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Cabinaire at Oshkosh

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Travel Air


The Travel Air Model 2000 was a bi-plane manufactured by the Travel Air Manufacturing Company of Wichita, Kansas.  The founders of the company and designers of the plane were Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech, and Lloyd Stearman, each later to have very large aircraft companies of their own which you might recognize.
The Travel Air 2000 used many of the design features of the German Fokker DVII, which many considered to be the best fighter to come out of World War I.  Many Travel Airs were used in World War I movies as the Fokker DVII such as Hell’s Angels, etc. and were referred to as the Wichita Fokker.  The 2000 is a 3 place, fabric covered, bi-plane that was originally powered by the Curtis OX-5, water cooled, 90hp V8 engine with a gross weight of 2180 lbs.  Later versions used a variety of radial engines having gross weights that ranged from 2180 lbs to 2600 lbs.  These were produced from 1926 to 1930 when the Model 4000 was introduced. 
The 4000 was basically the same aircraft but was a little stronger with a couple 100 lbs increase in the gross weight and powered by the radial engines.  Besides bigger radials, the noticeable changes were the elimination of the aerodynamically balanced ailerons (elephant ears) and introduction of oleo strut landing gears.



Later, the Paramount Aircraft Corporation in Saginaw MI certified and built 9 of the Cabinaires.  This was a 4 place cabin, radial powered bi-plane that was built from the Travel Air with the fuselage enlarged for the cabin and a door entry on each side.  It was their entry into the Cabin Class market of those days shared with the WACOs, Fairchilds, and Stinsons.  Orlando Helicopter Airways rebuilt the one surviving plane you see shown here.  This particular aircraft won the Vintage Aircraft Award at the 1995 EAA, Sun’nFun Convention at Lakeland FL.
All of these are indeed true classics, and we are pleased to make copies of the original factory plans available to the homebuilder.  This is probably the most complete set of drawings in existence for the 2000, 4000, and Cabinaire compiled from a number of sources including the Smithsonian.  We have added some views of our own as needed to construct a true replica of them.  Frankly, this collection of drawings needs interpretation and engineering decisions to construct any of the 3 planes.  We have begun re-engineering the 2000 to include the missing information.  We are selling the original set of prints for $350 plus S&H or their pdf CD for $200 each along with construction details and photographs.
We will CAD this package into a complete and easily interpreted set of drawings and instructions that includes specifications necessary to build any of the 3 planes.  These drawings will be designed around the General Motors LS3 430hp V8 and interchangeable with the AJ-14RA, 9 cylinder, 260hp radial engine.  Aircraft equipped with this GM LS Series engine are very smooth, quiet, and have very low fuel consumption.  They can operate on either 100LL or auto gas.  When the CADing is complete, it will sell for $950.  All of the fittings will be available from laser cuts as will the welded up frames, struts, gear, engine mounts, empennage, and smaller steel structures.  Stamped ribs for the upper and lower wings along with the ailerons may be provided which will speed up construction considerably. 

Travel Air 2000 Frame Travel Air Model 2000 under construction from our plans


Following are prices for these components:

1.    Welded Fuselage with fillets, tabs, and brackets             $8,800
2.    Shock-cord style Landing Gear with  wheel hub & spindle     $3,900
3.    Wing Struts                                                 $1,500
4.    Cabane Struts                                               $1,300
5.    V8 Engine Mount                                             $2,400
6.    Radial Engine Mount with ring                               $1,900
7.    Laser cut parts                                             $1,900
8.    Laser cut parts less the fuselage ones                      $1,500
9.    Aluminum upper, lower wing, and aileron ribs                $4,000

The FAA had provided us an “Issue Letter” approving the Certification Basis for the Travel Air 2000 with the GM LS engine.  We would love to put a Type Certified Travel Air 2000 into production but chose to simply make it a kit because of the liability and limited market.  It also is an excellent replica of the Fokker, WWI fighter for those interested in warbirds.  The Cabinaire can be built up from these plans and kit parts although the welded fuselage frame and the landing gear will not be offered. 

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