Quiet Aviation, LLC (QA) is a Central Florida based company that specializes in experimental aircraft, powerplant, design, research and manufacturing with facilities at Deland Municipal and Orlando-Apopka Airports. 

QA Cessna
Cessna 172 Test Aircraft

Start up and taxi demonstration



QT400 Uncowled Engine
QT400 Engine, uncowled

Wilga 104-35A
Wilga 104-35A

Travel Air 2000
Travel Air 2000


What happens when you put a Corvette engine in the Cessna 172?  First, you use 1/2 the fuel, and SECOND, you’re not using avgas that is half again the cost of mogas, and you don’t pay road tax, a better than 67% savings.  Nor do you add oil each flight or so.

Quiet Aviation (QA, previously Orlando Helicopter Airways) has received the FAA approval by way of an Issue Paper to install the GM LS3 430hp all aluminum V8 in the Cessna Models 172I thru 172M.  This Issue Paper establishes the Basis or method in which this retrofit is to be made that when completed will become a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) which can then be installed in the 172’s and Skyhawks.  QA will begin immediately in defining the details, documenting, implementing, and testing this first ever chance to greatly modernize these airplanes and boost their performance with an advanced and proven automotive engine.

This breakthrough can be General Aviations answer to the unleaded fuel crisis.  Using a stock auto engine along with that industries initiative will always guarantee you are using an environmentally friendly fuel at favorable prices.

This brings a new and exciting dimension to these precious Cessnas’.  They can now operate for 35c on their previous $1.00.  They will have the 1) economy and reliability of automotive engineering operating on 87 octane unleaded fuel with ethanol additives, Avgas, or their mixes, 2) the authority to operate continuously at 180hp, 3) the benefits of several custom propellers, a constant speed, 3-blade propeller, 4) an operation that is smooth and very quiet, 5) the permission to do Owner Maintenance, and 6) the privilege to use the plane for flight training.

These kit installations are to be made only by authorized Service Centers.  Because of the relatively cheap cost of an engine, overhauls are not approved and a $6,000 replacement can be done in 4 hours by a couple of mechanics to preserve the Quality Control of the GM engine.  This engine and its’ accessories also will receive an FAA Type Certificate (TC) for the installation.

QA anticipates an introductory price for the fly-away conversion of $45,000 with everything forward of the firewall (engine, prop, battery, cowl etc.) returned as a rebate.  In the layup, the 172 will be fitted with in STOL STC, a spinner, and a carbon fiber cowl.  These V8 kits should be available by mid-summer 2011 or sooner.  The initial conversions are expected to be made at the Orlando/Apopka facility and STC positions may be accepted.

This STC process will begin immediately with the TC engine block tests being first on the schedule.  QA will recruit an international team of at least 40 service centers and 8 distributors to make these STC conversions.  Interested and established dealers and maintenance or mod shops should contact us for details of this agreement.    



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